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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I’m in love with my hair and stuff

So as I’m not really going to talk about the cases that I was on during Jury service, you guys are right it’s probably too dangerous and who knows who will be reading but I will tell you that it was brilliant and if you ever get the chance go and do it.

Today I wanted to just to a post all about my hair as I am in love with it, its growing madly its like a blooming flower but I realised that a whole page on Angel’s hair might be boring so here is a picture of it last night before I went to bed.

Then to pad out the post a little I should tell you that, Mr special and I are going to Thailand in June.  I can’t wait, we were wondering if we should cancel as they were having some drama over there but now its all over, have you ever been to Thailand?

Also we have a family cat that lives at my mums called Mille, I love that cat, we all do, last week she went missing and my Mum has spent the week looking for her, its been really upsetting to be honest. She put posters up and called all the cat shelters and everything. Every day I have been calling to find out any news on her and then today the postman brought her home he found her miles away crying under a bush.  Nice Postman huh? Not in my neighbourhood I tell you.

That’s it really…although I could tell you more about my hair if you wanted lol


ANGELINA said...

There's nothing like natural hair. It looks great! And that was so nice of your postman to bring the cat back . I'm so happy he found it!

Anonymous said...

That's a very nice postman.

My dad goes to Thailand regularly and says it's nice. Please be careful as the FCO is still advising against travel to certain areas of Thailand. And make sure you have adequate travel insurance. (Sorry that's the insurance saleswoman in me)

And your hair is gorgeous.

IceQueen said...

Your hair is beautiful!

Lydia said...

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Redbonegirl97 said...

Your hair is fabu and I hear that Thailand is absolutely beautiful and the food is awesome.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Angel said...

@ Angelina, Hi love and thank you it was nice to see you again

@ BorednTalkative, Thialand might not happen now, you have to watch this space, wow you sell insurance, I need some lol

@ IceQueen, thank you!

@ Lydia, thanks I will check it out.

@Redbonegirl97, wow well if we get to go I will post all about it :)