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Sunday, 16 May 2010

I Love Birthdays

I love birthdays

On my birthday this year (May 15th) I opened my eyes to see my favourite person staring back at me. Mr Special kissed me a happy birthday and made it a good start to a great day.

When I opened his card it said “To My Wonderful Girlfriend, of all the things that I’ve heard said and all the words I know, the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard was when you said hello”.  With that he had drawn two stick people inside, one me and one him with salsa music in the background and I was saying “Pleased to meet you” it was lovely.  The day was nice and we went to lunch and did some shopping.

In the evening I went to dinner at Floridita with some friends. For those of you who are not London based it’s a beautiful Cuban restaurant with dinner and a live band. It was eventful to say the least but fun. After a few mojitos I was in very high spirits. We danced for a while but as my crew do not all do salsa we decided to slink off to another club.

At the other club, as I was walking in the bouncer on the door said to me “ID please?”  I couldn’t believe it and he was serious.  He thought that I was under 18. Let me tell you all now that this was a big birthday so when he said it I just threw my head back and LAUGHED. I didn’t even have a handbag let alone ID. Mr special had all the money and the keys and everything so I didn’t come out with anything at all. For a second I was worried and then I think because of my sheer amazed reaction the other bouncer said to him “just let her in mate”  Inside the club I danced all night and we didn’t get home until after 4am.

Today has been relaxing I have lots of flowers and cards at home and though the texts, voicemails phone calls and facebook messages I have felt the birthday love so thank you everyone.

Right now I’m, pretty tired so that’s why you are not getting a more descriptive story of the day and there are probably a few mistakes in the text but I want you all to know that that I’m contented and happy and really looking forward to the next year. Its going to be a huge journey….

Much love x 


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Happy Belated Birthday, beautiful! I'm glad you had an awesome weekend fit for the queen you are :-).

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! Sounds like a good time was had.

Redbonegirl97 said...

Any hun sorry I missed ya. Happy Belated Birthday.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

12kyle said...

Happy belated bday! I know you had a great time!

ms.rubies said...

happy belated birthday!