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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Guilty….Or Not, I get to decide.

I got a lot of hate emails regarding my Jagged Edge Post, Yes very sad I know...I couldn’t stop laughing, people kept telling me they were going to kill me and all sorts, I guess there are die hard fans out there that no one knew about. One comment said “Who are you to judge?”

Well actually…from tomorrow I am on Jury Service. I have been called up for a minimum of two weeks. So haters (I’m sticking my tongue out!)  I will get the chance to judge. Obviously not on that particular subject (lol) but as soon as I am sworn in I get to listen to some murder or fraud trail and decide if I find the person guilty or not.

I’m pretty daunted by the whole thing and I’m sitting here thinking about it and what it will be. I really don’t want any case involving children I don’t want to be traumatised. I also don’t wanna be on any case that involves me having to stay in a hotel away from Mr Special for my own protection. That would stink.

The only good things are the hours are 10-4 so really short days, I get the two weeks off from work and they pay all my inconvenience costs as well as lunch every day. So those things are ok.

So have any of you ever been on a Jury?


lani said...

that's pretty cool...I'm sure you'll blog the tales

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Wow, people are that serious about J.E.? Hilarious!

Over here, most of our county juries are one day or one trial. I've been pretty good about not getting stuck on a jury. I've participated once and it was actually a good experience, weird case, but it was good to be out of the office for a few

Hope you have an interesting case to decide.

Anonymous said...

Never had to do Jury service. Hope you don't get something too traumatising.

Wow I can't believe people were sending hate emails about the JE post. People really have no lives.

sosexy said...

Wish you luck..Hope you get to have fun..
What's with those haters?
That's totally silly and small minded..Forget them..

Ondo Lady said...

You had people threatening you over your Jagged Edge post? Really? They need to get a life. I did Jury Service back in the 2001 and I loved it simply because I had two weeks off from a job I really hated. In fact I was sad when it ended. My cases were relatively minor compared to stuff like murder etc. It took place in the heat of the summer and the people that were on the jury with me were very friendly and when we weren't in the court room we were in the lounge watching Wimbledon. The matters in the case were very boring and we struggled to stay awake and in fact one guy actually fell asleep during the case and had to be woken up. I thought this was hilarious because he was the one who wanted to be a Lawyer.

Selah said...

Apparently Jagged Edge fans are SERIOUS. Too bad they weren't serious about buying JE's albums, huh? LOLOLOL

I was called for jury duty once but wasn't chosen to stay on the panel because I kept crying lol. Good luck with yours!

2cute4u said...

Be waiting for the stories there..Hope you won't have a hung jury or it won't take long to come to a decision..Forget those silly people, Simply ignore them..
Yeah, take care..

Redbonegirl97 said...

I am lucky, I have mangaed to avoid being on jury service all these years. I have been called up 4 times but I wrote a letter telling them I was in school andhad three very small children, which was true at the time. I am trying to dodge the bullet now.
As for Jagged Edge, girl it's your opinion and don't let the haters bother you.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

E.M.H. said...

LOL I'm gonna need the J.E. fans to calm down!!! You are entitled to your opinion and you weren't judging them. You were stating facts.

I had jury duty once but didn't get picked for a case. So I caught up on a book I was reading at the time :_)

12kyle said...

Wow @ the hate on the post. Get a life people. It aint that serious

I've never served on a jury but I'd like to