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Monday, 22 March 2010

I was robbed by Jagged Edge :(

Since the first Album I have been a fan of Jagged Edge (JE) so you can imagine my delight when I heard they were coming to London to launch a new album. They were playing last night March 21st at Indigo2.

Seeing my excitement Mr Special got us some tickets as a gift to me and I was hyper. I dusted off all the CD's (as now most of my musical is digital I have no need for CD's) and played their music all week, I’m sure that Mr Special was starting to get tired of them as he wasn’t really a fan like me.

On Sunday I was looking forward to it and even becoming stressed as I had no idea what to wear. When we got there at 7pm and I saw the queue I couldn’t believe how many people had come out to show them love it was going to be a good concert.

Because of the size of the queue and the fact that they had not started letting people in we didn’t really get into the venue until after 8pm, we handed in our coats and got a really good spot right at the front facing the stage. There was a DJ playing with Kat from Choice FM hosting and they were playing some serious tunes like Joe, 112, Usher, oh it was good.

There was a long line into the place...

The first warm up act came on, some dude tried to sing Jodeci I wasn’t that impressed (there are some tunes you should never cover) and although he was ok the crowd just wanted to see JE and didn’t really care, but sadly one after another crappy warm up acts kept coming on. You got the impression that they picked the warm up acts from a Brixton Talent Show lol. No one had ever heard of them and as time went by on the crowd started becoming restless, some people had been in the queue since 5pm!

At around 10pm (Remember we arrived at 7pm) people were starting to get annoyed and Mr Special said to me "babe I don’t care who is coming on next but if it aint JE I don’t think the crowd are going to be happy" it was getting late and people were getting irritated so unfortunately for the next guy when they announced him everyone booed and started chanting 'We want Jagged Edge' He tried to talk to the crowd and make us happy but it was too late, if it wasn’t JE we were not going to be interested so to keep us happy they came on.

When they came on the excitement of it meant that you didn’t notice but they were not at all dressed for the occasion, they looked like they were just going to the corner shop, one was missing, there was only three of them on stage and they also sung with a PA not a live band.

However I was caught up in the excitement and jumping and screaming, the music was great! They sung 'Promise' and then 'Hard' and then 'Where da party at?' and then lets get married and then a couple more and then...…..well then….then they left.

Less than half an hour on the stage a few songs and done….WTF?

I was gutted, no, really gutted, like I want to cry gutted, I have been a fan for 13 years! Luckily I wasn’t the only one, as we waited thinking it was some joke and they were about to come back on the realisation that we had just been stung kicked in and people started booing louder than ever and chanted "we want refunds"

Today I was telling my friend about it and he said "hold on, are you sure it was even them?" lol


2cute4u said...

Meh.. thats really sad!Frustrating I'd say.. really sorry..
A lesson for everyone..

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

LOL @ your friend's comment

Sorry this ended up being a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

What a piss take. Your friend is funny.

Tricia said...

Your friend totally killed it!

E.M.H. said...

LOL @ "Are you sure it was even them" HAHAHa...Hilarious. I would have been disappointed as well. I have always been a Jagged Edge fan as well as a fan of most music from the 90s :-). 30 minutes was nothing after that long wait and horrible opening acts :-/ Well hopefully they make it up by putting out some good music on their next album :-)

Mika said...

I have had two similar experiences with JE. The first time was at a concert where they were headlining. I believe we heard 3-4 songs before they ended the show without even saying it was over. As the lights came on everyone just stood there, expecting them to come back and finish their performance. The next time I saw them, I was at a club and did not know they were performing. In this club the VIP was upstairs and the stage was downstairs. For some reason, only two members of JE showed up and they performed in the VIP area.

Redbonegirl97 said...

Oh hun I would have been mad too. I have been to a few of those kind of concerts where the headliner gives a half-assed performances and then they wonder why people are pissed and not buying their records anymore. I so hate that.


Mr Special said...

A friend of mine went to see Jagged Edge a couple of years ago, and they did the same thing. Came on late, one of the members was missing, did a few songs and left. The need to be arrested for fraud!! The crowd were mad, the chants for refund came quickly and I felt like waiting in the car park to 'discuss' their performance. Back in the day, stuff like this deserved a good stoning!

Angel said...

@2cute4u, yeah (sigh) a lesson for all concerned

@CurvyGurl, never mind I’m going to avoid all the small concerts

@BorednTalkative, yeah! Tell me about it.

@Tricia, glad it make you smile

@E.M.H, hmmmm fingers crossed for the next album!

@Mika, I couldn’t believe it when I read what you wrote, what a joke! Lets vow to never see them again

@Redbonegirl97, a lesson learned huh? Yeah Their new album will flop with that behaviour

@Mr Special LOL babe…..STONING that is hilarious