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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Ive been told before that the good ones were taken...

After putting petrol in my car yesterday I was about to drive off when a little sign came on my dashboard saying 'OIL' then my oil light came on.

So I pulled over (still inside the garage) and decided to have a little sulk.

The thing is (deep sigh) I don’t mind being a strong independent educated women with a good job who pays bills on time I can cook and eat healthy, I can keep my house clean, change my light bulbs and take the rubbish out. I can take care of myself, go jogging have a bikini wax I can look after most aspects of my life and I do it. But one thing I don’t want to start learning about is my car.

Even though I can change the oil, I'm a girly girl and I want to remain that way (pink and fluffy) I don’t want to chip nail polish whist getting dirty under the bonnet, that’s for a man to do. (Jill Scott We/I need you). Every boyfriend I have ever had took care of that sort of stuff, even guys I was just dating, I could call them and say 'baby my car needs an MOT can you sort it?' I've never even taken my car to the garage, I have ALWAYS let a man do it as I'm scared that once the garage owner sees a woman they would take me for a ride. I've been informed in the past that my brake pads have been changed or my backlight has been replaced and for those favours I've provided my own rewards.

So I sat there for a moment feeling a bit sorry for myself with my bottom lip quivering when an Audi Convertible pulled over with a tall, dark and edible black man inside

"Are you ok?" he asked/or mouthed through my closed window?

Quickly winding down my window I replied "My car needs oil"

"Okay" he smiled…. "Do you know what to do?"

"NO……" I giggled…(lie)

Anyway...he got out his car and we both went inside the garage. On the shelf were about 55 different types of oil, so I just picked up the first one and he laughed

'No your car cant use that one'"

I didn’t have a clue what the difference was but he showed me the right one then he went outside and put the oil in, giving me a little education whilst he was doing it.

"You are a darling" I purred at him, "thank you so much"

"No problem" he replied in a deep chocolate voice "anytime"

And as he shut the bonnet I noted his shiny gold wedding ring... so that was really that.

I thanked him some more got in my car, he got in his and we both drove off.

Lucky wife huh???

© Angel Sept 16th 2008

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