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Friday, 1 August 2008

Anything is Possible

I'm reading this book a colleague bought me by Jamie Andrew called Life and Limb and its probably one of the most motivating things I have read this year.

The basics of it is, he was on a climb in Chamonix in 1999 with his best friend when they were trapped by an unexpected storm. They had to spend around five nights on a tiny ledge on the edge of the mountain and although the rescue helicopter could see them it couldn’t rescue them as the storm kept it from getting to them. Anyway neither of them had food water and were slowly getting colder and colder so by the end of th e five days they were huddled close together in the same sleeping bag for warmth. Sadly his friend died up there and he ended up barley alive. To save him they had to amputate both arms and both legs.

Anyway the reason I'm writing is because with every page I turn I realise….I can actually do anything I knew it already but this reinforces it. In fact everyone who receives this email is capable of greatness in whatever you are trying to do, be it starting your business, finding a lifetime partner, loosing weight, starting exercising, changing jobs, having a baby, getting debt free etc etc.

I know you each have your personal goals so please start today with the phrase.
Anything is possible and make those changes. if you dont have goals today is the day to set them. Hell this dude with no arms or legs went on to live a full and happy life, he got a job (an IT manager) He got married (if a guy with no arms and legs can find someone then…..) he had a child (in 2004) He ran marathons (on two fake legs - here I am struggling with 5k's) but most importantly of all, he climbed mountains again raising lots of money for charities.

So please take ins piration and motivation from my mail and if you are procrastinating over something now is the time we are well over halfway of 2008 and I take joy in watching all of you become successful..

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