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Friday, 18 July 2008

All Men Are Dogs! or are they?

My friend AJ told me ‘I am going to ban words like ‘all men are dogs’ in my house. Like smoking and shoes, I am going to tell people don’t say them in my place. ‘Imagine if men talked that way every time a girl messed them around, they’d be uproar’

I can’t help but agree with her and I am going to do exactly the same thing. I love Black men and yes it’s true, some of them really do some hurtful, stupid, nasty, doggish things but not ALL men. So why do we say such things?

Before I answer that question I have to get one point off my chest. A man can only behave like a dog to you if they are allowed to. If you cut your association with them off from the moment you are not happy then I'm sure the dogs will eventually get the message. (If you are reading this and your dog is happily married to someone else or has a girlfriend and you know about it, then you are not only a dog too, you are dissing your fellow sista, no matter what he tells you she is like) If men learnt that the only way to get sex was to be honest, open and committed, I bet you we wouldn’t be the only demographic with the lowest worldwide rate of marriage.

Anyway I digress, I think women say all men are dogs, cheaters, liars etc because of their past experiences. Instead of taking some time out to heal and deal with the pain of their hurt, they just harbour it and eventually tar all men with the same brush. It backfires quickly on them though; they either say it so long that they begin to believe it or they end up disliking men so much that when a good nice one comes along they treat him so bad he gets out quick, making their mantra for to them.

By constantly saying negative phrases about men you are unconsciously attracting that type of man into your life.

And lastly if I was a man and was constantly told I was a dog, or I was a boy and I grew up in a house where my mother constantly said negative things about men….what effect do you think that would have on me?

© Angel July 18th 2008

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ShonaVixen said...

Sorry Angel, Shona is stalking ur space busy day in the office n so agree with you on this one, a man will only behave like a dog if you let them...i love me my black men and not all of them are dogs!!