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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Things I learnt this month.

So I did it, I did the thing that many bloggers do and I always watched them with awe but thought that will never be me
, Yes I started a new blog

This is where I have been all month, have you missed my posts? Don’t worry, I am working on a balance between the two.

My new blog is called The Natural LoungeWhen I decided to go natural I visited various websites and blogs all around the net to get more information on how to take care of my hair. One thing I found was that most of the ones on natural hair were based in the US.  It was really frustrating as I couldn’t get the products they talked about, couldn’t go to the meet-ups, and I couldn’t even visit their salons.

So The Natural Lounge is  just dealing with the UK naturals. I hope to profile lots of natural women around the UK finding out things like styling tips and product information of course you overseas sista's are welcome to stop by it would be nice to get some visitors. 

Its popular already and I have only just started. I am really pleased. You can click on the image to visit.

Its good because I can keep this Angel Cake blog free of hair stuff and I can talk about life and general things….hmmmm….speaking of general things, here are some of the key life lessons learnt this month alone...enjoy. 

  • Leggings are not slimming and don’t suit everyone and really don’t suit obese people oh and sometimes you can see though them. 

  • Black people are not the only ones with image problems – check out this photo which I took in Thailand

  • British Summers will only ever be two weeks of sun. 

  • You have a friend who is homeless, father to six kids and has five baby mothers, lives in his car and has no job.  If he tells you that that someone you both know really well is no good and pretty worthless, you have to try and believe them as they know a lot about being worthless

  • Some people are not that organised, can’t take direction and hate to be managed or advised.  That’s why they are still in the same place they were five years ago, it is not your problem go past them and leave them behind. Some others are really just A**holes and will never change forget them too. 

  • It really is possible to live with someone love to see the sight of them every morning and miss them when you are away from them even if you have just gone to work. 

  • Bread is not my enemy – despite what the slimming mags say. 

  • Dried apricots are though, never eat in large quantities (I learnt the hard way prior to July but then visited them again for some mad reason this month - never again!) 

  • Listening to the actual lyrics of most new songs composed in the last two years and you will quickly realise that most of them are just talking rubbish.

  • I can, do or be anything I want to. 

How are you all doing??? Did you learn any lessons in July?


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Hey Angel! Loving the new blog. It's great to see what our natural UK sistas are doing. I agree with your list of lessons, I have some I need to jot down too.

2cute4u said...

Had cool fun reading your lessons..

Sam C> said...

Great post and I agree with your follow-up that blogging is fun but there is a lot of work involved!

Love the lessons and my contribution is that sometimes that you have to quixotic and simply try - even if it seems utterly pointless - as you never know what might happen.