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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Wanted One Best Friend

In Sickness & in Health - Not being actually married I have heard this line said a lot at weddings. It’s strange because I never really thought about it until I got the Swine Flu. Being ill gives you a lot of time to lie down and really think about things. I guess that’s the only upside (if there is one) of getting sick.

Whilst most of my friends stayed away, actually one offered to push food through my letterbox so I'm going to let them off, fearless Mr Special did not give a damn that I had it and was around my house looking after me. When I asked him if he was crazy and wasn’t he bothered about getting it, he said "baby if we were married and you got sick, what would I do? Move out?"

It really touched my heart that I had someone in my corner as some of my 'best' friends didn’t even call. Mr Special made sure I had food & flowers and kept resting. Incidentally it’s not as contagious as everyone is making out - he didn’t catch it.

As a teenager I spent a few weeks working with the Elderly, it was so sad as many of them were on their way out and they didn’t get one visitor. They were just dumped into retirement homes to live out their last days. The joke was that the moment they died, family from all over the globe turned up to fight over their money and belongings it was sad.

So I decided, I don’t want people that are only going to call me or be around me when the going is good. Friends that if (God forbid) I passed would suddenly be at my graveside crying and telling everyone how much they loved me and that we were best friends. I want friends that are around me when things are not that great, good friends and I realise I need a best friend. Ok you could argue that Mr Special is my best friend but he is my man of course he is a good friend. Nope I want another one, a real one, someone I can do girly stuff with.

I tried to write down some qualities a best friend would have and here are a few.

Best Friend Requirements

* We have to be friends in sickness and in health - but this doesn’t mean mental health as that, honey, I just can’t cope with.

* Since I haven’t known you for life I need to know every single thing about you from first kiss to that secret booty call you used to have. I even want to know your annoying side. I promise to let you know all about me too!

* You have to have time to invest in the friendship otherwise what is the point. Also we need to meet each others families just like friends do.

* You have to like Beyonce because I really don’t understand those women that just hate her for no reason other than jealousy

* You can’t have any designs on my man.

* If you are the type person that though fear of infection, wouldn’t visit if I had swine flu. I need a phone call each day.

* I can’t take a procrastinator, so you have to be pretty motivated, if you are overweight and want to loose it please do it. Don’t spend the next 10 years of our new friendship eating chocolate and KFC and telling me how you need to loose weight. Eventually this will annoy me.

* We have to have similar interests in my history opposites have never attracted.

* You have to be pretty normal, i.e. I once met a girl who only washed her face once a week (and admitted it). Or I had another that only ate four crackers a day…those things I can’t cope with.

If you are interested please submit your application.

Also if you have any to add lets hear them!


Keith said...

So sorry to hear that you were under the weather Angel....And you have every right to expect a friend that will hang in there with you whether you're sick or not.

It's when you're sick or down and out that you truly discover who your friends are.

ShonaVixen said...

Ooooh another one is they have to be able to write letters at least twice a year..handwritten

They should also understand that shoes hurt sometimes and after the club, they can offer their back-up pumps to me coz their pain isnt the same as mine

Lemme think of some more

Biro Chic said...

Hope u r better!thats an interesting bestfriend list but wen u do look deeper,stms we dont get to choose they r bonds that just happen n grow.i also realise i need a Bff!

BorednTalkative said...

Sorry that the flu got to you, but hopefully you are on the mend. It's great that Mr. Special braved it out to take care of you. That's love.

I totally agree with you, you would expect a friend to be there for you through good and bad times. I like the friend requirements list. If I had a best friend, they'd need to meet those requirements as well.

Emeka Amakeze said...

So sorry you caught the flu and i thank God that Mr Special was on hand to take care of you. Wish you find that best friend you are looking for. All the best Angel.

Oyin said... got the swine...damn girl take care of yourself. Didnt know that you got sick on us. Sorry to hear and hope you are doing much better.

Erin Michell said...

Glad you're feeling better and I like the post. I can't stand when people only call or come around when things are "perfect" or happy go lucky. But while your friends may have let you down your man didn't, so that definitely something to smile about. And as far as your friends that were slacking..tell them to kick rocks :-)

Afronuts said...

Its times like these u know ur true friends.

I would have stayed as a friend but Im a dude so it doesnt count since i cant do the girly stuff.

Angel said...

@ Keith - its true when the going gets tough the real friends stick around

@ Shona - baby what is going on with your blog, when is the new post coming? Lol yes they should be able to share the back-up pumps!!

@Biro Chic – yes much much better. You are right real friendships grow, perhaps I should have asked for someone to grow with 

@ BorednTalkative – I’m on the mend and busy again, its very sweet of Mr Special to stick around. Awww you don’t have a best friend as well. There are lots of sistas out there that don’t.

@ Emeka, hey you, how are you doing? Thanks for stopping by

@ Oyin, yup that Swine Flu got me, it must be from the tube

@ Erin, I thought about that, I’m not going to dump the current friends, I think I will just slowly move away from them onto real friends

@ Afronuts, aww honey thanks for the offer, lets be best blogging friends, what do you think?