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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Fireworks & Unity

Don’t you just love fireworks? There is something so warm, fun and exciting about watching them. They take me back to my childhood when for Bonfire Night my family used to do them in the back garden. I used to hold a sparkler, eat toffee apples and the air was filled with the scent of bonfires.

Now times have changed, Bonfire nights are mostly organised, people can’t be bothered to do them at home. So last night at around 7pm myself, my special friend and around a few thousand other people walked up from Wood Green to Alexandra Palace to watch the Bonfire night fireworks display. There is never any parking in the area so the best thing to do is walk up.

I tell you I loved it, It wasn’t raining (until the display was over) the weather was mild, and the atmosphere was electric, I stood on that hill, arm in arm with Mr Special and all I could see was a sea of people, all ages and from all different races with eyes to the sky. We all clapped, cheered laughed and agghhed at the amazing display that lit the night sky. It was worth watching and just for a moment on that hill surrounded by all those people I thought to myself ‘this is what unity must be like, when no one cares about your age, sex or race and everyone is at one place at one time to do the same thing’ People must have had that feeling standing in the crowds of Times Square or Grant park when Obama was elected. I wish we could all feel like that all the time.

Anyway that’s the idealist in me – I’m off to Venice shortly so I will write and put up some photos when I get back see you soon x


Ondo Lady said...

I love fireworks as well; the noise, patterns and atmosphere is so exciting. I don't even mind the cold weather.

12kyle said...

i grew up in south carolina. fireworks were legal. you could blow up any thing! lol

eclectik said...

Fireworks are indeed cool

Dope blog! I'm diggin it for real


Angel said...

@ Ondo Lady - hey hun hope you are well, I'm sad fireworks night has gone

@ 12 kyle - lol

@ eclectik - thanks for your comments and coming to say hi!